All Connected


Animals and Humans are all connected spirits to Nature and the Universe. Keep the peace!

Source of Inspiration

Cause no harm
simple idea

If we can not yet
love unconditionally
we can start now
to live by this
principle, diligent
in our thoughts, words,
and deeds to never
cause harm to another–
including ourselves!

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Believe in Hope and Achieve Universal Peace.



Recent celebrations of faith, rebirth and passover has created an endless feeling of being blessed in my heart. I am so thankful for every day, light and experience in my life-which makes and develops my life.

*One of my favorite times of the year*

The transition of Spring to Summer 

The warming weather has me energetic. Spring’s essence is fluttering my writing bloom. The Sun’s shine is inspiring my inner light.

I have been writing a lot and will  be sharing a piece every week of what “I Believe” and what evokes my mind, body and soul.


I believe we endure heartbreak and tragedy to grow and become stronger.

I believe I’ve vacationed darkness multiple times, but always traveled to light to guide me through.

I believe I pray, meditate and practice yoga to strengthen my soul.

I believe I have been praying for the right path and for forgiveness.

I believe I am created and inspired for a specific reason.

I believe I am the light, God chooses to move and speak through me in dire times.

I believe we are here to teach, inspire and learn from others as well as ourselves.

I believe I am given signs from a higher power and the universe to better myself and this planet.

I believe I write with meaning, honesty and pureness of the soul.

I believe I have a reason, message and story to tell.




Bittersweet truth of life, love this.

Source of Inspiration

dog and mouse

Never a kind word
we quickly point out
the faults of others
and cover our own mirrors.

Wounds from words can
last a life time.
Better to cut out your
tongue than forever
crush the spirit of another.

Speak only of the virtues
of another for we all know
our failures. Refrain from
nit-picking, finding
unjustified fault in all.

Let only honey cover
your words or forever
silent be.

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The best part of your life is over


Yoga & Joyful Living

This humbling article made me rethink my approach to yoga. You see, I’m really good at finding excuses (of course I don’t call them excuses, I call them reasons – after all, I’m just being reasonable here, right?). I can’t practise because of hay fever. My wrist is painful. My right knee is acting up.

But are these really reasons? Or strategies our ingenious mind comes up with to tell us we really can’t roll out the mat now and we should instead take the easter chocolate rabbit out of the cupboard and rip the nice, shiny wrapper off its ears? The overwhelming sensation of melting chocolate now becomes almost palatable, no? But hang on – how about a box of tissues next to the mat, or doing side plank on your forearm, or focusing on upper body work to give the knee a break?

These are…

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Animal Spirit Guide – Owl Wisdom – The Shadow Masters


My spirit animal

Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine

Darkness is no obstacle
as I have enough light inside
to see through the illusion.

Owl and Moon at night

Metaphysical Meaning
Psychic Energy, Independence, Wisdom, Third Eye, Spirituality, Protection, Intuition, Supernatural Power, Connection with Night time and the Moon, Mystery, Magic, Secrets, Intelligence, Transition, Telepathy, Afterlife.

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Not With Haste


Love the message… this passage gave me goose bumps : )

up from below

We live in such a small time frame of the world, such a small piece of this big puzzle. Yet the experiences and time given by the human experience are nothing short of spectacular.

In the winter of 2012, I was yearning to find myself, figure things out, and grab the world by storm. But I had one problem, I had no idea where to begin. I was just your average kid, doing average things, I saw nothing special in myself and in the world around me, just kept moving forward and thinking how I had been. But the universe, its actions and consequences had a whirlwind of  change headed my way.

Mumford & Sons

Mumford and Sons

I owe a piece of myself to the music created by these 4 gentlemen. Beginning to explain how my life has intertwined with their music, lyrics, and essence is quite a challenge.

I knew I…

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Two Sides


Friday’s sunshine

Source of Inspiration


The coin has two faces;
turn the coin over to choose
dawn or sunset
day or night
where will your spirit roam?
You can not escape your choices
even not choosing
is a choice
to give others your power.

Who you are today
results from past choices.
Who you will become
is determined
by today’s decisions.

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The Healing Crisis


Source of Inspiration

Healing crisis, letting go
of toxins, both physical
and negative energies.
Like a sponge, we absorb
and retain until we learn
how to release what does
not serve us. Or we
explode with a crisis
spewing what we were
unable to release.

How to release that which
is polluting us in a calm
healthy way is the question.
First step is awareness,
then avoidance of cause,
releasing all as we go
moment by moment healing
of our bodies and souls.

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