Believe in Hope and Achieve Universal Peace.



Recent celebrations of faith, rebirth and passover has created an endless feeling of being blessed in my heart. I am so thankful for every day, light and experience in my life-which makes and develops my life.

*One of my favorite times of the year*

The transition of Spring to Summer 

The warming weather has me energetic. Spring’s essence is fluttering my writing bloom. The Sun’s shine is inspiring my inner light.

I have been writing a lot and will  be sharing a piece every week of what “I Believe” and what evokes my mind, body and soul.


I believe we endure heartbreak and tragedy to grow and become stronger.

I believe I’ve vacationed darkness multiple times, but always traveled to light to guide me through.

I believe I pray, meditate and practice yoga to strengthen my soul.

I believe I have been praying for the right path and for forgiveness.

I believe I am created and inspired for a specific reason.

I believe I am the light, God chooses to move and speak through me in dire times.

I believe we are here to teach, inspire and learn from others as well as ourselves.

I believe I am given signs from a higher power and the universe to better myself and this planet.

I believe I write with meaning, honesty and pureness of the soul.

I believe I have a reason, message and story to tell.


2 thoughts on “Believe in Hope and Achieve Universal Peace.

  1. Hi Kelbylyn
    You visited my blog and liked two of my posts – thanks. As I have just started blogging, your like was encouraging.
    Love your blog. So much to read! I too am a yogi – been practising for about a year and a half and what a difference it has made.
    Yes, when you find the light, you realise how much in the dark we were. Life is beautiful – we have to seek and find it and retain it.
    May your journey be as blessed as you are – we are all wonderful, spiritual beings.

    • No problem! I love the blog world, and think it is important to encourage bloggers! We all have a passion and message to share to the world! Looking forward to your posts and motivation from yoga.
      Kelby Lyn

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