Lessons of Expression.



The graceful gift of art and literature,

beautiful emergences on fresh surfaces,

essences crafted, presence from the inner chi,

constructed display of thought and release,

free of judgement, creative ease,

No rights or wrongs, emotions of songs,

styles to fly, reasons to salt the stye,

feelings stroke meaning, wanders to whys,

a spirited cry, euphoric self high,

the message to give, a proposal to live,

a quest to reel, expression of one’s real,

propaganda’s to flow, a swept away soul,

the once clouded, now risen and guided,

words flayed, fingers prayed, joys laid,

here’s my treasure, my core’s endeavor,

a light shown, my awareness cued,

an honest renew and seen so few,

cherish this hue, my canvas traced true,

a glimpse of love, to share with you.

peace & blessings,


Sunflower Season.





They line up in protest

Looking for my answers

They knell to my left

Faces, confession sent 

Mistakes made, sins to vent

Why is my forgiveness needed

Why are all their pasts pleaded

My words pour, a mind depleted

An angel reading, a heart fleeting

My spirits overseeing, new seasons

Leave’s color turn, falls warmth yearns

Feelings pure red, only yellows shed

my bright beginnings, never misgiven.

Refreshing and anew, for the lost few.

Their Mishandled impressions

Forever a radiant learned lesson

My freckled Sunflower obsession,

Letters requested, love ingested

my once dandelions, now flowers risen.

Luminous Absorption



my drunken body

led me to your escape

the surrounded slate

my aching clean plate

so you take me in late

lay me in your space

sink me in your arms

never floated so far

adventures to explore

where have i met you

maybe a time before

our mystery hues

show me the horizon

your stye illuminates

my mind now light

I’ve forgotten time

your boxed presence

pinch my existence

intertwined breaths

our rooftop floors

connections soar

who is in this world

you’re my only vision

my spirit glows

your energies grow

you’ve been who

I’ve been looking for

through my third eye

your expanding aeons


our starry science

your dusk reliance

I only feel rain

no down pours

take me there

our gypsy affair

fly me through

our misted fears

broken tree stares

shared knowings

inners flowing

paranoid highs

when will our

waves collide

sensations splash,

I shield my lust,

your intimate touch,

slowing my rush,

the savasana savior,

your reactive impact,

always guides me back.



Im dedicating today’s post to the color Red.

What is it to become a color, to represent it or take on it’s role? Red is a fierce color which seems to heighten our sexiness and confidence. Red is romantic, bold, seductive and sometimes intimidating. I’ve come across a lot of females who think they cant “pull off red”, whether it would be silky top, high heels, lip stain or a hair hue.. Red is a statement and you are the creator of the identity.

Something about a red sports car which makes men feel invincible and red lips which make woman feel irresistible.

Red runs through our veins making us feel invigorated with life and bulletproof to risks. Our heart is pure red, we feel passionate representing on the outside what pumps us from the inside. Red is an inner sensation, act upon your inner desires!


*Cardinal Code is a poetry piece I wrote last year inspired by my favorite vixen, Marilyn Monroe*

Cardinal Code

A swipe evoking the lips, hues of red alters
brims, which embrace and bribe
outlining a soft spoken crime

muses lean to his palette
rosettes paint assurance’s depiction,
she stains her scheme of devastation

the flush of a young boys Valentine,
her heart crafted in his form
his cheeks burst to her output

cherry lips, his first touch.
sweet tooth’s crush, visions of her blush,
fantasy led his trance

the stripped a direct mouth of America’s lady
infrared authority, stop sign to timid
a cut straight sorrel to the bare humans,

strong structured others reposition,
opinions mounting
copper red lines in the sky

burgundy wine glass glistens in candle’s glow,
warming shades to the sight
his center pulsating to her movements,

roses bloom her presence, a smile simpers cupid’s eye,
ruby medal over his core,
gold to the soul, a woman well deserved

a bittersweet puckered pout, contagious to watch,
fool’s paradise, suitors aside.
sheer secrets drape her lace, wandering eyes

effortlessly sexy, no sighs compare,
euphoric imagination, temptation’s apple,
flutters her affairs, crimson warning of dares

scarlet snug dress, curves down, his marry-go round
A play for immature quick attention,
ferrari driven, rumble strips to the weary

her heated flame flares a brief high,
cliché hungry, fondness of falters,
blood drifts to carmine plastic in their pockets

fires painted for a purpose,
emphasizes the empty minded
a charge to the one who crosses

the X of her abundance, her laser to aim
a profession’s adopted lesson
a cardinal checker pen of control

Displeasure’s Well-being



My eyes trickle as guidance to needed paths

Weak, pouring for direction
spouting transfers me to desired yellow bricks

I scar with knowledge

I request pain
partnered to his hurt

Prickles hold my hand, sculpturing skin deep,

His closeness, my sensitivity weakens at hand
pleasant endings to ghostly to grasp

I push to be shoved

A liberating feeling, moments of lost control
My drop shatters

puzzle directions of the past

Links to the lacking,
his band-aids to my damaged holds

I drown, a cleanse of forgotten gasps

Clear waters fill my words, a still so breathtaking
i exhale what is blown over, inhale for the current

Remembrances splash my memories, vital air

Uncertainty scrapes me, his misery rocks strike
sharks surround me, God’s sea of life

I bleed to realize I’m awake, a gushing passion

An attraction to sharks, questions of survival
doubted living, fins forgiving

I perceive the caps of my following surf

Floating, I rest back with soul’s coast
suffering sands wash up my awaited spirit ashore.


Peace Piece, a puzzle of happiness


I love my life too much to waste my energy and time “hating” someone or something so purely. Life is too precious to devote such negativity. Living free, worry less, open environments. No one is an enemy, objects passed if not favored. Never an obstacle or battle. Flow from a centered mind. Relaxed movements, guiding you to fate.


Feelings of ease provides insight. Pushing through the body and actions from inside.  Stimulating the mind to breeze on by. Never forcing anything that doesn’t feel right, taking chances on what feels natural and most meaningful. Finding yourself by you’re strengths and weaknesses. Changing on what makes you best as yourself and not by the judgements of others.


Agree to disagree, never a closed statement. Bridges never burnt, relations always settled. Learning through memories, struggles and sorrows. Everything is an experience, educated through moments and mistakes. Constructive criticism only, programmed to smile and empathisize in every situation. Always expanding the mind,body and soul.  Mindfulness, understanding yourself to understand others. Respect for yourself, humbled achievements, blessed from success, gratefulness of life’s reward.


An appreciation of life. Love only giving and souls consuming. Finding all of the meanings of who we are and why we are here. An appreciation of the beauty of nature, working to to nurture our spirits and surroundings.

Respect within side your self, wholeness to contribute to the working body, a fulfillment which brings you joy and readiness to spread your significance.   Respect for the planet, plants, people and possibilities which circulate and fill our lives.

Understanding the significance in the way we speak and interact with others. Understanding we are the creator of our own universe, we are the developer of freedom and terror, we are the provider of peace and wisdom and we contribute to the happiness and sadness of our lives and others.


A mindset of Peace of Heart to learn, entertain, teach and spread.

The Rise of the Fall



A peak of two, brought to a point

two seeds, developed to one

my high brings your lows

dependent on the touch

I shadow you at your worst

words trembling, eyes evading

You have my attention again

Tears trembling dry, power to who tries

I built myself up on our direction

an extra push, my sparkle you thrive on

my path you only see,

two lines reliant, inclined to their point

I’m fading, you lessen

No point, the fine line falters,

what merged  two together

You ignite for one, spark of the summit

Pleasures with my past powers

force leaving you weak

highest point, without my other half

downfall leaving the peak pointless

Our peaks turn into my control

You embrace my mouth, I shape your movements

operating outcomes

reckless decisions, you grow weary

I have you so strong, a connection of nature

my threshold over you, leaves you forgiving

we stand together, clasps intertwined

Your given branch overlaps and reinforces mine

The point of the peak

Your life, coming together

aspects gliding up to reach your tip

bright lights in every direction

Eyes crave your glance

words once swirled, flowed straight

bodies and thoughts thrive on your scene

mouths jealous of your story

When you’re a flat slate

Your life stands equal

living and balancing mediocre to ease straight

thriving and alienating when success pours

Flying to the top

what gets dropped for your point?

having it all, provides one dot of happiness

standing period, a thimble of glory

Power with privilege

untouchable, your cape flies with envy

engaging, knowing paths reach their peak

left turns into right, wrong doings justified


Tongue Tied Tuesday



Curses of the Damsel,
Sinners Resigned

Kingdoms crest, sirens contest
courage from consequences, her control consumed
confinement within craquelures, calming craftings
creases craving to be caressed

doll in design, devil’s advocate defined, damsels daring drawbridge,
driven by darkness’s daedel,
dreamer’s delight, dreaded on sight

she slips in, seductive shuffling steps,
skin of silk sauté’s his stare,
stalking each sensitivity stolen by slow strokes,
silver to the sti, skies scattered with her disguise

routines reguided, rendezvous rationalized out-ruled by a Roue’s rant, allurer’s reversions refined
a rejection, her rakehells reflection