Lessons of Expression.



The graceful gift of art and literature,

beautiful emergences on fresh surfaces,

essences crafted, presence from the inner chi,

constructed display of thought and release,

free of judgement, creative ease,

No rights or wrongs, emotions of songs,

styles to fly, reasons to salt the stye,

feelings stroke meaning, wanders to whys,

a spirited cry, euphoric self high,

the message to give, a proposal to live,

a quest to reel, expression of one’s real,

propaganda’s to flow, a swept away soul,

the once clouded, now risen and guided,

words flayed, fingers prayed, joys laid,

here’s my treasure, my core’s endeavor,

a light shown, my awareness cued,

an honest renew and seen so few,

cherish this hue, my canvas traced true,

a glimpse of love, to share with you.

peace & blessings,


New Study Shows that Yoga and Meditation May Help Train the Brain



Cooking with Kathy Man

New research by biomedical engineers at the University of Minnesota shows that people who practice yoga and meditation long term can learn to control a computer with their minds faster and better than people with little or no yoga or meditation experience. The research could have major implications for treatments of people who are paralyzed or have neurodegenerative diseases.

The research is published online in TECHNOLOGY, a new scientific journal featuring cutting-edge new technologies in emerging fields of science and engineering.

In the study, researchers involved a total of 36 participants. One group of 12 had at least one year of experience in yoga or meditation at least two times per week for one hour. The second group included 24 healthy participants who had little or no yoga or meditation experience. Both groups were new to systems using the brain to control a computer. Both groups participated in three, two-hour…

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Top 5 Things that I Learned Through the Summer of 2014


Culture of Imagination


Now that the summer is over and the fall is here another season in my life has gone by.  As I reflected back on the last three months, it seems God is moving in me in many different ways.  There are so many things I could share, but these are some of the themes that I am coming to a deeper understanding in.

1. A deeper understanding of the importance of gratitude.  Gratitude is not always easy for me.  In fact, it is probably one of the most difficult practices as I live in the North American culture of consumerism where we are always wanting more all of the time.  I have had to discipline myself to be content in the present moment.

It is very easy for me to see what is not and forget about what is, the good gifts that life has brought me in this stage…

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Sunflower Season.





They line up in protest

Looking for my answers

They knell to my left

Faces, confession sent 

Mistakes made, sins to vent

Why is my forgiveness needed

Why are all their pasts pleaded

My words pour, a mind depleted

An angel reading, a heart fleeting

My spirits overseeing, new seasons

Leave’s color turn, falls warmth yearns

Feelings pure red, only yellows shed

my bright beginnings, never misgiven.

Refreshing and anew, for the lost few.

Their Mishandled impressions

Forever a radiant learned lesson

My freckled Sunflower obsession,

Letters requested, love ingested

my once dandelions, now flowers risen.

September Super Moon – Chiron Flavored


Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine

Sept super moon

On September 9th AEST the full moon will be in Pisces, bringing us one of the most spiritual lunations of the year. This months full moon is the last of three super moon for the year, making it extremely potent. The week leading up to this event brings with it a grand fire trine with Neptune, Jupiter and Venus, adding to the mystical, magical and rather dreamy atmosphere of the September Harvest Moon. It is also conjunct the wounded healer Chiron.

The “Perigee moon” is up to 30 percent brighter than other full moons and they occur when there is a direct alignment of the Earth, Moon and Sun.   As we know, Moon phases have a great influence on our emotions, particularly women, and this month, as it is in a water sign, they will be noticeably affected by the intensified energies.

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Changing Realities


Source of Inspiration

other realities, fantasy, source, creation,

How does one change
one’s reality? Sometimes
it happens without intent…
hunger, fear, extreme stress,
but it is also possible to
do it with intent so strong
as to block any distractions.

One can also have split perceptions
of being in more than one place
at the same time.

This ability to move into
other realities requires us
to reach beyond our boundaries
and embrace the inconceivable.

Most people find even the idea
frightening, spooky, too out
of the ordinary, way beyond their
comfort zone. But there are
people who embrace the gift,
to open the door, to touch
the hand of Spirit,
for when you do, nothing
will ever be the same again.

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