The sun kisses the trees



I love my life too much to waste my energy and time “hating” someone or something so purely.
Life is too precious to devote such negativity. Living free, worrying less and opening environments. No one is an enemy, objects pass if not favored. Never an obstacle or battle.

Flow from a centered mind. Relaxed movements, guiding you to fate. Feelings of ease provides insight. Pushing through the body,actions from inside. Stimulating the mind to breeze on by. Never forcing anything that doesn’t feel right, taking chances on what feels natural and most meaningful. Finding yourself by you’re strengths and weaknesses.

Channeling in on what makes your best self and not by the judgements of others. Agree to disagree, never a closed statement. Bridges never burnt, relations always settled. Learning through memories, struggles and sorrows.


Everything is an experience, educated through actions and mistakes. Constructive criticism only, programmed to smile and be strong in every situation.

Always expanding the mind, body and soul. Mindfulness always present. Understanding yourself to understand others. Respect for yourself, humbled achievements, blessed from success and gratefulness of life’s reward.

An appreciation of life, love only giving and souls consuming. Forever grasping the meanings of who we are and why we are here.



Mission: Keep It Simple


Do What's Right

It’s only a dark secret to those who close their eyes.

I’ve had a few ask me how to discern their mission in accordance to what I teach here. It’s not that hard. Keep in mind that I’ve often said there is nothing wrong with using ordinary Aristotelian logic where the Spirit remains silent. That translates down to this: If you aren’t driven by conviction to take one path or another, feel free to use your own best logic to choose. This is why we cannot neglect the development of that lower form of reason. It has its place. It cannot provide executive decisions about what really matters in this world because it is not capable of grappling with revelation and morals, but it does just fine with abstracting and implementing what revelation requires. Reason was given by God to serve the Spirit, so sharpen your service by developing your…

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