Im dedicating today’s post to the color Red.

What is it to become a color, to represent it or take on it’s role? Red is a fierce color which seems to heighten our sexiness and confidence. Red is romantic, bold, seductive and sometimes intimidating. I’ve come across a lot of females who think they cant “pull off red”, whether it would be silky top, high heels, lip stain or a hair hue.. Red is a statement and you are the creator of the identity.

Something about a red sports car which makes men feel invincible and red lips which make woman feel irresistible.

Red runs through our veins making us feel invigorated with life and bulletproof to risks. Our heart is pure red, we feel passionate representing on the outside what pumps us from the inside. Red is an inner sensation, act upon your inner desires!


*Cardinal Code is a poetry piece I wrote last year inspired by my favorite vixen, Marilyn Monroe*

Cardinal Code

A swipe evoking the lips, hues of red alters
brims, which embrace and bribe
outlining a soft spoken crime

muses lean to his palette
rosettes paint assurance’s depiction,
she stains her scheme of devastation

the flush of a young boys Valentine,
her heart crafted in his form
his cheeks burst to her output

cherry lips, his first touch.
sweet tooth’s crush, visions of her blush,
fantasy led his trance

the stripped a direct mouth of America’s lady
infrared authority, stop sign to timid
a cut straight sorrel to the bare humans,

strong structured others reposition,
opinions mounting
copper red lines in the sky

burgundy wine glass glistens in candle’s glow,
warming shades to the sight
his center pulsating to her movements,

roses bloom her presence, a smile simpers cupid’s eye,
ruby medal over his core,
gold to the soul, a woman well deserved

a bittersweet puckered pout, contagious to watch,
fool’s paradise, suitors aside.
sheer secrets drape her lace, wandering eyes

effortlessly sexy, no sighs compare,
euphoric imagination, temptation’s apple,
flutters her affairs, crimson warning of dares

scarlet snug dress, curves down, his marry-go round
A play for immature quick attention,
ferrari driven, rumble strips to the weary

her heated flame flares a brief high,
cliché hungry, fondness of falters,
blood drifts to carmine plastic in their pockets

fires painted for a purpose,
emphasizes the empty minded
a charge to the one who crosses

the X of her abundance, her laser to aim
a profession’s adopted lesson
a cardinal checker pen of control


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