With the fresh beginning of a new year, everyone is in search of a new way to re invent themselves. A new year marks a new “You”, being the best you can be and creating a new healthy life style. Do we necessarily need a new year to create a “new us”… necessarily. The first step to figuring out your new change is your WHAT you’re going to do, WHY you’re going to do and then HOW follows after.


Sometimes situations cycle through our lives creating an opportunity to continue with our life patterns or take a stand to renew ourselves. Last year my life over whelmed me so much, everything caught up so fast. I wasn’t who I wanted to be and my life was out of my control and slowly draining the glow from my happiness.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”

Why does it take such extreme measures for us to finally realize the rise of conflict or come to a conclusion of a change. You find yourself blaming others for your faults, feeling sensitive to inner guilt or spreading frustration with inner issues.

You have to create a peaceful environment within yourself to engage in any situations outside of your control. You need to focus on your inner world before you participate in other’s world. You become aware of yourself… your strengths, weaknesses, challenges, indulgences etc. You practice mindfulness, a gift acquired from taking time for yourself, silencing your dilemmas and channeling in on your inner knowing.

Everyone gets so caught up in their rush of the outside world and pleasing others needs. Your mind is in constant motion, your priorities circle around your contributing world and you lose track of the moment. Meditating on yourself, requires a stillness of the mind and body. A time for quieting outside criticism, troubling technologies or obligations. You become in control of your serenity, setting the mood with aromas to relax and flowing with your breathe by movements.


Yoga and meditation recharges your soul. Worries and obstacles no longer fog you, ideas become clear and dreams now in reach. You sit within your self, body at rest and mind at ease. You realize the beauty in your moments, nature and your ability to achieve peace. You feel your body supported by the earth, your mind complete with calmness and your spirit now tranquil. Every breath swims through your body, expanding your flexibility and softening the resistance. You become limitless only reaching where the body takes you, positioning yourself  in what feels natural and stimulating. You evolve with every manuever. The sequence of positions become a dance in tune with your energy and breathing. Your mind roams with the dynamics of progression, voyaging to your comfort zone. You are constantly in control of your flow of breathe and movements. You realize this act of exercise is actually a practice of repositioning and rejuvenating.

A deed to yourself to shift your mindset into sedateness. A time to come to your self, sit in your silence and center your creativities. A euphoric high from satisfaction within your own world. You practice equal pose in every frame or instance. You become acute to the restraints and meet them with quiet mind. You focus on how to achieve greater lengths, not on what holds you back.


I’ve learned so much about myself and life through the practice of yoga. A time I set aside everyday to create a still environment where I focus on the hush of the world and the energy within my own world. You develop an equal poise, you approach the outside world with love and kindness. You appreciate yourself so fully, nothing can break your outer shell or interrupt your inner peace. After a couple of months of yoga and mediation, I was aware of my body’s needs.

Your first world lies within your human structure, an inside world which communicates and reflects you. You become dominant of your body’s functions, whether it would be hunger, thirst, disgust, fatigue, stress, illness etc. You become in sync within your senses. Practicing a healthy lifestyle is more than working out, it’s fueling your body with nourishment and vitamins. You are a human recycler, your output relies heavily on input.


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