Surrounding sunshine



You get to a point in your life, where you are so aware of your self and your surroundings. Who you you are, who you want to be, how you are going to do it.


You become what you surround yourself with. You discover everyones true colors, you steer clear. You realize who is right in your life and value you them. You look at everything as an opportunity or sign.





Allowing good to always cycle with dedication to make the most of it. Every wrong, mistake or heartache is seen as a lesson. An experience gained as well as learned knowledge. Lonely dashes of negativity gets paired up. Another dash causing a double of positivity.


Open your mind.
Your parachute of thoughts
Let them out, all your colors flying

Reah out your wings, you will soar
Scream your loudest, laugh your hardest
No one can interrupt your wide sky

Free falling, from the plane of doubts
No worries only floating
Time slows the resistance

Don’t follow the runways of life
Jump out when fears get too high
You control the impact of the fall

How you stand back up, says it all
Redirected paths, awakening soul
Mind empowered, body stands tall

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