Displeasure’s Well-being



My eyes trickle as guidance to needed paths

Weak, pouring for direction
spouting transfers me to desired yellow bricks

I scar with knowledge

I request pain
partnered to his hurt

Prickles hold my hand, sculpturing skin deep,

His closeness, my sensitivity weakens at hand
pleasant endings to ghostly to grasp

I push to be shoved

A liberating feeling, moments of lost control
My drop shatters

puzzle directions of the past

Links to the lacking,
his band-aids to my damaged holds

I drown, a cleanse of forgotten gasps

Clear waters fill my words, a still so breathtaking
i exhale what is blown over, inhale for the current

Remembrances splash my memories, vital air

Uncertainty scrapes me, his misery rocks strike
sharks surround me, God’s sea of life

I bleed to realize I’m awake, a gushing passion

An attraction to sharks, questions of survival
doubted living, fins forgiving

I perceive the caps of my following surf

Floating, I rest back with soul’s coast
suffering sands wash up my awaited spirit ashore.


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