The Rise of the Fall



A peak of two, brought to a point

two seeds, developed to one

my high brings your lows

dependent on the touch

I shadow you at your worst

words trembling, eyes evading

You have my attention again

Tears trembling dry, power to who tries

I built myself up on our direction

an extra push, my sparkle you thrive on

my path you only see,

two lines reliant, inclined to their point

I’m fading, you lessen

No point, the fine line falters,

what merged  two together

You ignite for one, spark of the summit

Pleasures with my past powers

force leaving you weak

highest point, without my other half

downfall leaving the peak pointless

Our peaks turn into my control

You embrace my mouth, I shape your movements

operating outcomes

reckless decisions, you grow weary

I have you so strong, a connection of nature

my threshold over you, leaves you forgiving

we stand together, clasps intertwined

Your given branch overlaps and reinforces mine

The point of the peak

Your life, coming together

aspects gliding up to reach your tip

bright lights in every direction

Eyes crave your glance

words once swirled, flowed straight

bodies and thoughts thrive on your scene

mouths jealous of your story

When you’re a flat slate

Your life stands equal

living and balancing mediocre to ease straight

thriving and alienating when success pours

Flying to the top

what gets dropped for your point?

having it all, provides one dot of happiness

standing period, a thimble of glory

Power with privilege

untouchable, your cape flies with envy

engaging, knowing paths reach their peak

left turns into right, wrong doings justified


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