This is my selfie, I’m trying to be all mysterious, romantic and a little hipster.

My first post, how exciting 🙂


I will start off by giving a little introduction of myself and why i decided to create a blog!

My name is Kelby Arnold, I am from a small town in Iowa… with opinions and aspirations to populate the whole state. My mind is constantly racing, my body always striving to be on the go and my brain in need to absorb new information. I absolutely love learning and meeting new people. I am curious in almost every aspect in my life. I believe people and places shape who you are and have a special meaning in your journey. I hope to travel all around, expand my knowledge of the world, gain experiences to culture me, inspire those I come across and assist those in need. 

I believe you can change someone’s day by a positive expression or encounter. I believe certain messages can move someone and even motivate them; emotionally, mentally or physically. I hope to share my thoughts, struggles, curiosity, meaning and love to those who need it. 

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